Connected 1s, Inc.
"Making Technology Work for You!"

Commercial & Residential On-Site Visits
Connected 1s, Inc. offers on-site services.  We take computer, networking, and related products with us and set it up at your location and even bring it back to you if the job requires.  This convenience affords relief from todays congestion and high gas prices as well as busy schedules.

Networking Installation
We specialize in networking providing LAN (network inside business or house) and WAN (Internet outside of home or business) networking installation, troubleshooting, and repair for our clients.  This includes installation, configurations, documentation, and administration of both wired and wireless networks (router and modem configuration).  We offer excellent prices on cable (coax), audio cables, video cables, and Ethernet (computer/telephone) cable) installations in both existing home and business structures as well as new construction homes or businesses.

Computer Repair and Custom Computers
We Repair & Customize computers for various needs from gaming, engineering, graphic design and everything in between.  We are experienced at troubleshooting, repairing, and modifying computers and networking products.  Most computer and realted hardware can be repaired by us.  Unfortunately, some particular desktops, laptops and printers are cheaper to replace with a new model depending if there are multiple issues or if there is an issue that will keep recurring after being fixed.  We are happy to provide our clients with this consultation!
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Remote Support Available!

Data Recovery
Do you have the need to recover information from a hard drive that you installed a new operating system on or did you accidentally delete important data?  Believe it or not, its probably still there even though you can not access it.  We have the tools to get this data back to produce your valuable data when it has become inaccessible.  We do offer limited data recovery for certain products and hard drives, unfortunately there are no guarantees depending on the size of data, format, and type and condition of hardware.  This process could vary in time and be expensive (few hours to a few days). 


Software Distribution
We offer  a wide variety of excellent software for all your anti-virus, backup, anti-malware, and other security and technological needs at competitive prices.

Virus/Malware/Diagnostic Error Removals
Virus, malware, and worm removal can be extremely frustrating and leave your computer at a literal stand still.  We offer removal of most malicious codes and can easily repair most major operating systems in the event that a file infection has damaged almost every file on a pc leaving nothing working for you, but perfectly working for a hacker.  We also specialize in removing and fixing those nasty diagnostic errors that occur on ALL computers.  Does your computer list diagnostic errors on start up?  We can help!  We are experienced at working with Macs and Windows PCs.

Network/Software/Computer Training Available
Basic computer training available for both group and individual basis as needed.

Having Trouble Mounting or Hooking up that tv/stereo equipment?
 Just Call!  We offer those services too!

*Pricing is specific to each job based on average time to complete specific job and the equipment that is used or repaired.

*Covered with General Liability and protected with errors and operations liability coverage (insurance on your data).  We are NOT responsible for hardware failure or client errors and we make it a STRONG point to backup data before jobs.  We will not be responsible for damage caused by fire, theft, testing or any causes beyond our control.  Estimates are exactly that and phone estimates will usually involve the cost of labor ONLY, materials may be additional.

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